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    Color yellow appears as orange - what's the cause?


      I have a Hewlett Packard desktop with an Intel HD graphics card.  About one month ago, the color yellow disappeared from my system - from my monitor, from my scans using my two scanners, etc.  Instead of yellow, an orange appears.  The color management software doesn't solve the issue;  it seems to be a hardware problem.  I've had a few occasions when suddenly the yellow returned, but only briefly, and then orange returns.  Help!

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          Usually a broken wire, loose connector or broken pin connecting the monitor to the computer.

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            Your HP desktop has "onboard" graphics, not a separate graphics card, as your monitor cable is connected to the mother boards I/O panel, right?  What cable/interface are you using, the DVI or HDMI?  HDMI cables can fit rather loosely, so with the PC off, try reinserting the cable on the PC and monitor.  If you are using a VGA cable, you could try other options like the ones I mentioned above, if available.  Cables are cheap, if you buy them at the right place, and you don't need a so-called fancy, expensive cable.  If changing cables or outputs/inputs does not work, then the connector on the mother board or monitor may have been damaged.