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    Q9400 temperatures running high


      I recently got a Q9400 processor and it seems like it's running hot. Rarely does it run below 60°C. Often it runs between 70-77°C under 1/4-1/2 load. It's running on an Intel DQ45CB motherboard, with the latest BIOS. It's not OC'd at all (never has been.)


      I've reapplied the thermal paste (arctic silver) and reseated the cooler (stock) but it's made no difference. The case runs fairly cool. The is one 7200RPM drive and three 2TB 5400 RPM (low power/heat) drives. The drives are currently at 27-31°C while the CPU is at 72°C. The machine does have an EVGA 9800GT video card, but this machine is mainly used as a file server so the card doesn't see much of a load. The case has a good 120mm fan in the front blowing over the drives, a pair of 80mm fans in the middle of the case to blow air over the CPU and the southbridge (which often runs about 80°C), then a pair of 80mm fans in the back to blow air out. The air around the CPU has great flow. The PSU is right above the CPU, and it has a single 120mm fan.


      One person mentioned that PSU voltage could cause an issue. I've tried another PSU (antec earthwatts 500W) and the problem persists. The machine is now on a UPS with AVR (both boost and trim).The CPU fan seems to be working fine.


      I've set the fan response in the BIOS to the highest level. The ambient temp is fairly low (maybe 60°F).


      I'm at a loss as to how to fix this. With the other components all running cool, I would think it would have to be the HSF not being seated properly or the thermal paste not applied well... but I've triple checked that.


      Any ideas?