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    Need help with Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B34



        I have a Dell Latitude E4310 - Intel(R)Core(TM) i3 CPU M370@2.40Ghz 2.40Ghz, 4.00 GB Ram, BIOS version A07 using the Intel 5 Series Chipset running Windows 7.  My issue is that using either one of the two USB ports on the laptop to program a display module using the display manufacturer supplied software the file transfer will stall or completely stop and error.  If i use a USB port on my dock or portable dock the software and files transfer with no problem.  By using the dock or portable dock the system uses the Host Controller - 3B3C which works fine.  I have updated all BIOS, drivers to no avail.  The system is using the same drivers for the usb enumerator and software driver files.

        We are experiencing this issue with atleast one more laptop (which is a Dell Latitude - different series) and i have to assume the same chipset.  We are currently conducting schools to teach technicians how to program our devices when this issue occurred.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.