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    Confirmation Request: I have NO AMT with i3 despite great motherboard?


      Scenario: I've just ordered my first new batch of client PCs and I have a question. They're all using the Intel Executive DQ67SW motherboard.


      I knew I wouldn't have the new vPro features (KVM) using an i3 2100 with my new client systems, but I did anticipate having some AMT features that would be carried over from previous generations. Upon trying to fire up the AMT software I'm greeted with a message of no support whatsoever. Is this true? It seems odd to me that even basic AMT functionality wouldn't be supported on these new platforms for purely marketing/up-sell reasons. The $75 price premium to the lowest i5 isn't warranted from a performance perspective in this case, so there is no way I can justify that cost on a per-machine basis for the full suite of management tech being that there is a helpdesk staff onsite and they haven't struggled in the past without AMT.


      Am I SOL? Is the entire suite of features really intentionally disabled?