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    Create RAID after AHCI-Installation


      Hello, Forum-Specialists,


      I have an problem with the installation of SATA-HDDs with board Intel DC48BT2.

      At first I have installed a SATA-HDD with BIOS-option SATA AHCI and installed Windows Vista. Ok, System runs.

      Now I want to install 2 other SATA-HDDs to build a RAID-1 with them. The first HDD should be still the boot-disk.

      BIOS option RAID, first HDD is boot-disk, in RAID-Controller-menu I have created a RAID with the both new HDDs.

      So far ok.

      If i start the system now, Windows crashed with a blue screen. Is there a problem with AHCI or with RAID-driver or anything else?


      Can anyone help me?