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    --SOLVED--HD 3000 graphics fail - 3 defective mobos? - Are you an expert?



      I had TWO defective core i5 2500k processors!  I finally received a 3rd  one in the mail, popped it in, didn't change a single setting, and  VOILA, HD 3000 graphics work perfectly now!   Wow, seriously, what are  the chances of getting 2 defective processors, tisk tisk intel.


      Z68 gigabyte mobo + core i5 2500k
      Every time I install the intel VGA drivers, windows 7 prof 64 bit will  freeze/crash on the startup screen.  For the life of me, I absolutely  CAN'T get the HD 3000 graphics to work.  My first 2 mobos were  Z68MA-D2H-B3, and third was Z68A-D3H-B3, all with the same exact  problem...

      Here is the massive list of everything I've tried so far.

      -Multiple versions of the intel VGA drivers, including the latest 2401
      -Reinstalled windows 7, also tried windows 7 ultimate.
      -Upgraded to latest bios (using QFlash)
      -Installed all latest windows 7 updates
      -Swapped out all ram/power supply/another core i5 2500k processor/another hard drive
      -Changed any significant bios options, default, optimized, auto, etc.
      -Used both DVI and the old school blue video out and different monitors. (no adapters)
      -Cleared/reset CMOS
      -One stick of memory

      If I put in a video card, everything works perfectly.  It's just the HD  3000 graphics that refuse to work, and since this is my 3rd mobo with  the same exact problem, something can't be right...but I've already  swapped out every part with known working parts.  I've spent countless  hours trying to diagnose this and refuse to give up and buy a video  card.  Are all these mobos defective (or two defective processors) or am I doing something wrong?


      Thank you everyone for your help or input.