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    is there an Intel proset API/SDK ?


         I am a software engineer for a security company and I've been  tasked with creating a wiFi manager that will work with the intel proset  family of WiFi connection managers or at least majority of the new  versions. Specifically a group policy will be pushed down by an admin to  only allow connection to a specific lists of SSIDs. The software I am  working on will enforce this on each client machine and disconnects any  SSIDs that the user connects to that is not in the allowed list.  Currently I have this working on the windows default WLAN autoconfig/WZC  but if the machine has the Intel Proset connection manager running then  my software cannot do its enforcement.
      - is there an  SDK/Api/command line/registry key to allow our software to work with the  Intel Proset connection manager. e.g. allow our software to tell the  Intel Proset to disconnect the currect connection ?
      thank you