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    IRST 10.1.2 loops on repair


      I'm running Windows 7 x64 and I recently updated from Intel Rapid Storage Technology 9.6* to  First, let me say that 10.1.2 does a blazingly fast "Verify & Repair".  I have 4x200GB drives in a RAID5 configuration.  With 9.6 V&R after a crash would take 12+ hours.  It is down to less than 2 hrs with 10.1.2.  There is, however, a problem.  When 10.1.2 finishes the V&R (100%) it starts over again, and again,  ....  The only way to stop it is to open IRST and "Cancel" the operation.  That done, the IRST reports the array as "functioning normally."  Any suggestions on how to stop IRST from looping would be appreciated.


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          I am having the exact same problem.  I am running a RAID 10 with 4 - 466GB western digital drive with windows 7 home premium.  The motherboad is a ASUS P5Q-E with bios ver 2101 with 8 g of memory.  The IRST is version  If I let it running a complete verify and repair and then restart the computer, it will start another verify and repair.  If I cancel it, and restart it has the same effect.  Has intel come up with a solution???  I see no posts attaach to your orginal question.  Thanks   Harry

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            Good news!  The problem disappeared when I installed  Not only that but when it runs a check, it is much, much faster than 10.1.2.  --rbl--