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    DH61BE: Win7 Shutdown Produces a Restart - PROBLEM LOCATED


      Hi Everyone,


      I have 4 PCs with the DH61BE motherboard and all are behaving identically.

      The setup is simple.  1 TB SATA drive.  DVD ROM.  4gb DD3 RAM.

      Using the onboard video and LAN devices.  Logitech EX100 Cordless KB and Mouse.

      Win7 is installed and fully patched as of yesterday (6/14/2011).

      The latest BIOS is installed on the motherboard.


      When attempting to Shutdown from within Win7 (Start -> Shutdown),

      the system responds quickly with the various subsystems (LAN, Video) being downed.

      Then the system Restarts, eventually rebooting back to the login screen.


      When booting in Safe Mode, I am able to Shutdown as normally expected.


      From several posts in this forum, I suspect this has something to do with one of the drivers.

      But I would like some advice, if possible, before tearing into things.


      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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