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    SASMF8I Can't see the firmware version


      #I recently aquired on of this RAID boards and decided to set it up at home as a CHEAP RAID Solution.  After reading

      the docs it looks like I have set it up correctly and all.   I can't seem to see the firmware version from the Web Console

      though.  This is running with a 650Watt Power Suppy, 8 SATA Drives, Biostar (Desktop) Motherboard etc... oh and

      I am using Windows 2008 RC2 Server (standard).  Loaded the Drivers, the Web Console etc all seemed to go well.

      When I called support I got a lecture #1 I was not using an Intel Motherboard, #2 not using a server motherboard

      and that's about it.. Since it could not see the BIOS it would not update the firmware so Intel sent me a new card

      out to see if that made a difference, it didn't.  I have already seemed to experience 2 drives failing for no

      apparent reason.   So after I received the new SASMFf8I card am doing a foreground rebuild and see where it goes.


      Any ideas?  Does anyone use this not in a real server?  I don't know what the real difference is in a Motherboard

      of a server verses a desktop system other then power, CPU and more memory, the boards work basically the

      same I would think?? I also dont want to shell out $500 on a motherboard, new CPU, new memory to boot...


      Any help would be appreciated!