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    7mm sata III ssd?


      There is a range of high-end laptops, including my Lenovo T420s, that only supports 7mm drives which are shipping with Sata III support.


      Does intel plan to release 7mm sata iii ssd?

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          Currently, Intel only has 2.5" SATA 3Gb/s SSDs that can be converted to 7mm with removal of the "picture frame bracket".  Only the Intel 510 is a SATA 6Gb/s SSD and that comes only in the 9.5mm 2.5" form factor.

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            Thanks.  I own the Intel 320 .. and am happy with the drive.


            Although I'm frustrated that I'm only using half the capacity of the throughput my laptop supports ie 6gbps.  I'm interested if a 7mm sata iii 6gbps drive is on roadmap already?



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              I would not worry about throughput that much on a laptop.


              If you think about:

              How often do you do sequential read/writes?  (Probably less than 95% of the time.)

              How often are these over 10MB?  (Probably less than 99% of the time.) 

              How often are these large read/writes to another storage system capable of the 200MB/s?  (Probably rarely.)


              Intel has not officially launched a SATA 6Gb/s SSD at this time.  That is really all that can be said on that question...         

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                The Intel SSD 510 is sata iii with the 6gbps interface.  The drive speed itself is significantly faster than the 320 too...  If that were 7mm drive I'd be running it. 


                Is there a reason that drive wasn't released 7mm format?


                I assume I'll have to hold out for public announcements of new 7mm drives.

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                  Just to be clear, significantly faster in some metrics.  In everyday usage for an OS or application drive, the vast majority of disk access are small.  The 6Gb/s throughput is useful in file transfers or loading large files into memory.


                  The 510 was based off a completely different controller design so I suspect that to be the reason why it is in a different form factor heightwise.