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    how to know if intel HD graphics are working?



      I got a PC with a i7-2600 processor which is supposed to have a graphic accelerator called intel HD graphics 2000.

      my pc has a graphic card Geforce GTX 460 which is recognized but the intel graphic accelerator doesn't seem to be enabled or at least not recognized.

      I tried to look up for drivers but the drivers detector doesn't tell me to install any graphic driver.

      besides I have in the back of my computer a HDMI and a VGA port that are linked to the intel graphics accelerator, I tried to plug a screen, the display seems to detect a connection but it doesn't display anything, it's just black.

      and I would like to know, if the intel graphics accelerator is working, is it working together with my main graphic card?

      thank you in advance.


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          Integrated video controllers are disabled by the system when an add in (like PCI Express*) video card is installed. So most likely the Intel(R) controller is disabled in your system.


          On some new computers, some system manufacturers are giving you the option to alternate between the Intel(R) video controller and a third party one, depending on your video processing requirements in certain occasions. In that case I suggest you to check directly with your computer manufacturer to see if this is expected or if your system supports both video adapters at the same time.