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    Need help with an SS4000-e




      I have an SS4000-e which has been running OK for years. A week ago one of the drives failed. Being a raid 5 configuration I replaced it and it started rebuilding. When it finished my data was there. I tried to move data to another location in order to eventually replace all the hard disks with bigger ones. Could not move anything as I got a disk read error and the directories appeared empty. On rebooting everything was back and I decided to copy instad of moving the data. After a few gigabytes I again got the same message and the directories appeared empty once more. On rebooting everything was back and I resumed copying until I lost my directories again. This happened till I managed to get about 130 GB out of the system and then the system "locked" me out. I cannot access the public folder (I get a network error) and cannot attach the directory as a network drive. The console reports the Raid correctly as to size and free space.

      Firmware is fs-bc - 1.4-b710, the disks are 3 500 GB seagate barracudas and the fourth is a 750 GB WD Caviar Black.

      Please help me as the data is very important and difficult to recover. (It seems it is still there somewhere!)


      Thank you

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          The only times I have seen this are:

          1)  full path and name of a file exceed 256 characters, or

          2)  using non-standard ASCII characters in file names.


          Can you check for that?  I looked through the support articles at http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/category/server/ss4000-e/trblsht but didn't see anything related.

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            Having longer than 256 character names may have happened as I was moving copied directories into an unused one. As to non ascii characters I have seen Greek names on the NAS without problems.


            However I cannot check as the Public directory is not accessible anymore. The console reports the capacity correctly, though.


            When I try to access the NAS I see two folders, an empty one labelled guest and and Public. I can see the device in the network as a computer but on top of the window when I open it I get a header "unspecified (2)". (Windows 7) When i double click public I get a network error:


            Windows cannot access \\storage\public


            and in details error code 0x70080043

            The network name cannot be found.


            When I googled the error it seems it is a Samba error.


            Thank you for your help!