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    DG 43GT - max RAM = 4GB?  How to enable?


      I replaced my dead mobo with a DG 43GT a while back.  Since I was chronically running near max RAM (3GB stock) I decided to upgrade to 4GB.  Turns out that this isn't the slam-dunk it seems it should be, since my system still shows "4GB installed (2.96GB usable)."  Turns out there are all kinds of viewpoints on this problem on the web, controversial workarounds, people saying it doesn't matter, people saying it can't be done, etc.  But the thing I keep coming back to is the advertised Intel specs on this board:  4GB@32bit.  Is that accurate, or isn't it?  If it's accurate, how do I make it happen?  If it's not accurate, then I'm pretty ****** at having to waste a LOT of time getting the right RAM for this, not to mention the money involved.


      Win7, 32 bit, onboard video.