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    Configure PXE from Linux?



      Is there an IBAUTIL (or equivalent tool) available for Linux?  I cannot locate one, but really need to be able to enable/disable PXE booting from Linux (RHEL 5.6).  This would apply to dual GigE and 10GbE PCIe cards.



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          OK, I already realized I misspoke... it's BOOTUTIL that I'd love a Linux version of.  I wasn't clear on the history of all these tools...

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            As you probably noticed, we only release DOS and UEFI shell versions of BOOTUTIL. Unless you have a UEFI shell available, you will need to boot to DOS to use the utility. I use the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) here when I want to boot to DOS. The CD provides a big collection of DOS utilities that you might not need, but the default boot on the CD has worked for me when I wanted to use BOOTUTIL. I know this is not exactly what you want, but I hope this will help you until a Linux version is released.


            Mark H