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    Intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver problems please help me


      hey, I am no expert with computers but I will begin with how it all went wrong and what I need help with as best I can.


      firstly I am using a dell inspiron 1545 laptop with 4 gig ram and a dual core processor.


      the story...


      I was online gaming as you do with my friends and my laptop just totally froze, I mean completely went out so I did a force reboot as it goes...and then it began.


      It too 10-20 to get me to the log in screen and when I arrived at my destination it was all out of resolution, so I thought...eh I will fix it in a minute.


      I log in and try to fix it and I can't >.>, and its no longer shiny and see through like seven should be but rather horrible and blue, not unlike vista.

      and then ehh I can't game anymore... so I was like -face wall-


      so after snooping around a bit I decided to trouble-shoot the driver .... yeah no,it kept taking around 10 minutes to install then failing at the end, so i thought eh windows update eh, and went to intel to the driver help thingie (sorry) and tried to manually get the driver but .... no just no it brought up set up took 10 minutes or so to install and .... I got this nice message



      "an error occurred registering one or more components


      set up will now close"


      its the right driver its just being...special =/


      I have tried my heart out to fix this issue but I am to no avail and its killing me, my laptop has become a glorified dvd player =[


      please this is like a last shot, if you cannot help me I have no idea how to fix this.