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    RAID 1 Degraded


      I have an Lenova Thinkserver TS200v with a RAID1 configuration.  After checking the system using the Intel Rapid Storage Technology, I verifed that one of the drives in the array has failed.  Checked the specs of the drive and purchased a new one with teh same size (250GB).  When inserting the new drive, it sees it fine in BIOS and even comes up within the raid configurator (CTRL I).  Once I enter the configurator using ctrl - i, there is not option for rebuild.  When exiting the configuratior, the server will not boot.  When I remove the new drive, the server will boot without a problem.  I took the drive and added it to another server to ensure the drive was working properly and it is defiantley fine.


      I had setup this scenario on a Dell server with the same setup and once I placed the drive into the lab server,, it seen it as a rebuild drive using ctrl i and all worked fine.


      Any ideas