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    DP35DP raid array degraded


      Quick question.  Is there any other software available by Intel that yields better data for debugging an array that is in the degraded status?


      I am using 4 Seagate ST31500541AS 1.5TB drives in a raid 5 array on a DP35DP Intel motherboard.  There is a drive that keeps failing according to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software.  In order for Seagate to RMA the drive they need a valid error code.  They recommend using SeaTools.  When I start that the tool only sees the array and not the single drives.  I then proceed to use the SeaTool software on a bootable CDRom and now I can see the drives.  I run the short drive selt test and it passes.  I run the long drive self test and it too passes with the long test taking over 3 hours to complete.


      I then reboot and enter the rapid storage tool again, reset drive to good, verify, and everything is back to normal.  Only to have the same exact drive fail again two or more days later.  Run the same process as above - boot into SeaTools, run short and long tests, verify they are passing, and now the drive is in a degraded status and I can't do anything within the Intel software suite.


      Not sure what other options I have.


      DP35DP motherboard

      Intel Q9550 CPU / stock speeds

      4 GB ram

      450 GB drive outside raid for OS

      Windows 7 64-bit - enterprise edition

      Seagate drives (all the same model ST31500541AS, same firmware CC34)

      Intel STOR / storage software is

      Bios current - all other software Intel's auto check reported ok


      At this point I'm not sure if the disk is actually bad or if there is a problem elsewhere.  At the moment the raid is in degraded status but I can see the data.  But having been set to this mode a couple  times now and each saying it is the same drive; it makes me wonder.  After the current long test in SeaTools completes I plan to shut down the system and double check connections.  Although I'd expect the test to fail if it was something like that.


      Thanks for any tips or info.

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          I'd note the serial no of the one thats always having the problem and swap its SATA and power cables to start with. If that makes no difference, after backing up your data, I'd play musical HDDs with it, swapping it to a different port and using a different SATA cable (a reinstall would be necessary). If this same drive still plays up then I'd back up all the data on the RAID volume(s), zero fill the drive and recreate the arrays starting from scratch. It's amazing what a zero fill will do to clear niggly little drive issues.


          Since you have 4 identical drives, you can use that to your advantage to see if the problem follows the drive when things are changed around.

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            Kiwi - that is actually a great idea.  Thanks, I will give it a try.


            Appreciate the feed back.  I didn't eventhink about that.