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    PCIe AER support and National Instruments PCI-7813R boards


      For our appllication we are using an Intel server Board S5500BC equipped with 2 PCIe-6536 and 1 PCI-7813R National instruments boards.

      On some of those PC PCI-7813 board appears to be working properly (as listed on system device management and on MAX) but application doesn't work properly presenting an unexpected behavior.

      On Intel server Board S5500BC BIOS setup there's an option called "PCIe AER support" that, when enabled on those defective PCs, makes the operating system (Windows 7) unstable supposedly while traditional PCI bus is used.

      When "PCIe AER support" option is enabled, and PCI-7813R board is installed on PCI slot, we observed the following behavior:

      1) Windows boots correctly and recognizes again PCIe-6536 boards (as if were never installed before)

      2) After a few minutes Windows stops working and presents the typical blue screen explaining that there was an hardware error.


      Has anyone ever had a similar problem even on different hardware?

      Is there any test that I could perform in order to check if PCI board is really working properly?