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    i7-970 Bad Memory Controller?




      Not sure if I have a bad motherboard or bad processor memory controller?


      Here is the situtation:


      Built a new machine about 2 months ago.   All ran fine until one afternoon last week when in Windows slowed down to a crawl.  Clicking on anything took minutes instead of seconds. System was running as if no RAM was installed.


      I ran Memtest86 and it threw errors after running for a few minutes.  Thinking it was bad RAM sticks I ordered new ones and after installing them I had the same problem.   I have reset the bios and now the machine runs the same if I have RAM in the slots as if I do not.


      Where do I start?  Return the motherboard or the processor?


      Thank you,


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          I would suggest testing the processor on another motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior, this is the easiest way to determine the causes of the issue.

          If you do not have a spare motherboard to test with or a spare processor, then you can test your processor on a friend’s motherboard or by taking it to a local computer store to be tested.