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    s1200btl firmware update with windows 7


      How is it done?


      The udpate package available at intel's site is meant for Windows Server 2008.

      How do I update the firmware and bios using windows 7?


      I am at my wit's end.

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          I went ahead and used the windows 2008 server package anyway. It works! Sort of...


          Now the server is reporting this error:


          SPS FW Health reports a Server Platform Services Health Event with type FW Status. Encountered a forced GPIO recovery. Recovery Image loaded due to Magpie. Deassert MGPIO1 and reset the ME. Error Code is 0.



          Anyone who can offer any help here?


          Also... how is the fan speed controlled? It keeps bumping it back to +- 2000rpm every time I get it set to go medium or low through the deployment disc. It makes no difference which acoustics setting I set it at in BIOS.

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            The system is complaining aout the ME firmware.


            I would recommend using the EFI version of the update code. (2008 and Win 7 are very simular, but it might be something in the update)



            For EFI

            Down load and extract the code to the root of a USB key

            Reboot server

            Press F6 during reboot will bring you to a boot selection menu

            Select EFI

            System should find code and update.


            As part of the update the FRUSDR update will run and set the fan speed control based on the chassis detected or allow you to select Other Chassis and then prompt you for which fans are connected.

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              I did update the frusdr and chose  a very quiet profile.

              The server management program doesn't like it and keeps bumping the fans up to the max.

              Will do the EFI update and fingers crossed, it'll work.

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                ok i have a problem...how do i do it through efi shell?

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                  Hi Doc silvercreek,


                  thanks! I just only understand your post.


                  The EFI package is automatic!

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                    Does anyone know which pins in the front panel header are for the temperature sensor?

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                      Front Panel Temperature sensor is a I2C device connected pins 16 (3V3SB_DAT) and Pin 18 (3V3SB_CLK).

                      The I2C device is typically a LM30 with an I2C address of 0x9A .

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                        Thanks again doc silvercreek!


                        Wow, so it looks like there is no way for the board's fan control to work without actually sticking another piece of hardware to it.

                        I there I was happily thinking it goes to a pair of sensor diodes or something.


                        Where in the www. should I be looking if I want to get a server front panel board (with cables)?

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                          The pre-defined fan control setting are established expecting the FP temp sensor because fan ramp rates and speeds vary depending on the input temperature.


                          if you had 2 servers rooms. Say, one at Sea level cooled to 19 deg. C and the second high in the mountains at 7000ft at 35 deg C.

                          For the same work load on the system, the fans in the second system would need to move way more air (close to 10X) both because of the Altitude and the temperature than system one.


                          Option 1 is a simple fan feed back loop were when the system gets a little hot, the fans all roar to full speed, then drop back when it cools back off.

                          Very noisy, uses lots of power and drives anyone near by nuts because the fans run up and down all the time.


                          Option 2 is to put a setting in the BIOS set-up for altitude since that is a fixed variable. Then measure the input temperature a FP temp sensor so that if a 1% fan speed increase will keep it cool, that is all the ramp the fan does.

                          Quite, Saves power.


                          They use to just use a Base Board temp sensor as input air temp., but with the larger HDD's now days putting off a lot of heat, usually mounted right in front of the BB sensor, you ended up with Option1. The FP sensor gives a much better thermal response.



                          FFPANEL (911682) is the Front Panel spare kit for the Intel Chassis (hmm, looks like only the panel with no cable.)

                          (a few Google hits)





                          You can create your own SDR profile by editing the BTP_BMC.SDR file to use the BB temp sensor (20) rathar than the FP temp sensor (21) , but it requires a lot of work to get these edits correct based on thermal measurement in your chassis under the various operational temperature range.


                          Just connecting a FP sensor is a lot less work.

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                            Wow, thanks doc.


                            I am aware of the ffpanel ('spare part') but like you I couldn't find any that comes with cables. Will any generic cable and connectors work?


                            Where I am this part and the recommended server chassis are unavailable. I am now wondering if a fan controller from desktop parts and case makers like NZXT, Zalman and other generics will be able to replace this temperature sensor.


                            Thinking about it, I think it is pretty stupid that this board doesn't control fans properly without extra hardware. Should that not be an option made open to users?


                            If I had known about the need for additional hardware to make this board work to its full potential (on board intel RAID crippled without activation key etc) , I would have just bought a complete server from vendors like Dell or HP.


                            And even if the P4000 series server chassis is available from a local supplier, I am simply not interested in it as we need to add an extra controller to the board for more even more disks. Hmmph.

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                              I don't have one of these to try it on, but a quick edit in notepad many get you what you want for fan speed control.

                              Open the BTP_BMC.SDR file in notepad and edit the following:


                              Search for        21             // Temperature Sensor Number -- (Front Panel Temp)

                              Change the 21 to 20

                              Search            21                 // Sensor Number

                              Change the 21 to 20


                              Save the file and re-flash the FRUSDR selecting "Other" as your chassis .

                              It will tell you that no FP was found and just select continue.


                              The sensor will now report the Baseboard temp as Front Panel temp

                              The fans may ramp sooner and faster than needed, but that is not necessary a bad thing.

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                                Before I go into rewriting the lines...

                                Do you think that replacing PWM fans with 3 pin fans will solve the issue?

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                                  The system will still detect a "failed" FP sensor and tell all fans to run at 100%. It just drives the signal dfferently.


                                  P.S. To restore the SDR once you get a FP witha temp sensor, just flash the standard SDR again.

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                                    Thanks doc!


                                    Without your advice I'd probably have just gone and bought a desktop fan controller.


                                    Btw, most vendors that would ship the ffpanel outside the states price it for about 20 dollars but the shipping goes up to about 80 dollars. Haha!

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