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    What NTFS Allocation unit size should I use?


      I want to create 3 partitions on a 320 SSD.


      1 boot partition and 2 operating system partitions.


      Should I use the default 4096 byte allocation unit size or are there other allocation unit sizes

      the would give me better performance?


      I would like to hear the pro's and con's about using diffrent allocation unit sizes.



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          The NTFS allocation unit size has absolutely no relevancy to SSD technology.  You should pick whatever size works best with the data you plan on storing on the drives.  Google for NTFS allocation (or "cluster") unit size and read all the information you find about it; again, it has no performance-related relevancy to SSDs, meaning the pros/cons of larger/smaller cluster sizes are universal regardless of disk type (MHDD, SDD, etc.).