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    VT-? Technology for i7-2600 CPUs


      Hello Folks,

      I think iNTEL calls vPro a VT-x technology. (pls forgive me if I am wrong!)

      I am planning to build a new rig with Z68 chipped MB + an i7-2600 variety. I don't care for overclocking so 2600 (plain vanilla) would do the job. But K Cpu is only about $20 more so I did a bit of look up and the difference other than that K series CPU has unlocked multiplier for Overclockers, it doesn't have VT-d technology with it but does have VT-x technology. What advantage(s) are there for some one wanting to run some bare metal VT software like VMWare ESXi or Citrix Xen Server.

      Can someone point me to right direction.


      Thank you.