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    dp67bg not posting showing green and red led before it shuts down


      I got my computer together and it was working fine other than the memory was showing in bios as 1333 instead of 1600. I updated to 1979 just to see if it fixed it but it didnt . Today I installed a 560 ti graphics card ran windows performance got top scores . Played a game at highest resolution no problems . then I went and was installing all the firmware and programs that came with my blueray and it shutdown.I tried to turn it back on but it shuts itself off. with the red and gren lighst coming on right before it shuts down. I've tried resetting cpu several times making sure I applied right amount of thermal paste and cleaning it of every time. ive tried another power supply. Ihave pulled the battery and the jumper. changed memory slots, pulled the board out and built it outside the case with same results. I dont see how it was working just fine and all the sudden shut down. I am using.  cooler master rs850-ambaj3-us rt psu , 2x4gb corsair cmz8gx3m2a1600c9 memory,  i7 2600k, samsung hd103sj 32m hdd , samsung sh-b123L/rsbp blueray drive , and a gigabyte 560 ti gpu , since it was working for awhile is this a bad motherboard , I have tried replacing the gpu with no results