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    Intel DG965WH Problems


      I have had this board for a few years and now I am having issues.


      I had a bad PSU, fixed that.  Bad graphics and stick of ram, fixed that.


      Got the rig up and running, and decided I wanted to add another 2GB of ram.


      Put it in and it worked fine for about a week.


      today I woke up, and turned the thing on, it wouldnt boot.


      Removed the 2 sticks of ram and now it works fine.


      can the board support 4gb?  Is it bad memory?


      Windows XP 32 bit only reads 3.25 which I understand, but is the extra memory causing confict?  Or is it just bad memory?


      It's a 600 Watt PSU


      Intel Core 2 duo.


      Nvidia 560TI


      2 DC/DVD drives


      1TB HDD


      and then I had 2gb of S.Skill DDR 2 RAM, put another 2 in and it caused problems.

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          Shut down, unplug and remove the graphics card, and move the monitor cable to onboard.   4GB RAM should be fine.

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            yeah I checked and the site said it could handle 4GB of RAM.


            I'm thinking bad memory?  i just created an RMA for it through newegg.


            You think the new card is bad?


            Also PSU is only 600Watts, is that enough?

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              Not necessarily a bad card but it should determine if memory is bad.  Could be a general power problem.  What power supply is it?

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                It's a Thermal Take TR2-600W.


                I'll put the 2Gb's back into the system without the video card and see if it boots.


                If it does, what does that tell me? lol

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                  It takes a long time to load a saved TomsHardware page.  The Who's Who list of PSs from May lists that as an HEC.  I would guess that 600 watt would be the minimum for that card but it depends on the specs, particularly rail amps.  The RAM is also 12 volts I believe so it may share a rail.  Check the specs on a web site or on the side of the PS.  Compare to requirements listed for the graphics card.  To be safe add a little.  My 965WH lost a graphics slot (as well as hard drive and power supply), possibly due to power loads.

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                    I'm not following you there, what is an HEC?


                    I checked out a hwcompare and it said this new graphics card would only pull around 175-180watts total.


                    I don't understand rails, amps etc.  When I bought the memory it said it was 1.5volts.


                    The PSU should list that information, where would I find it for the graphics card?  Nvidia's site?

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                      HEC is the manufacturer.  Thermaltake has them make some of their supplies according to their specifications and configuration.  The wattage is only a rough measure of output.  Modern standards specify multiple rails (CPU on a separate rail for example) and are being slowly adopted.  Enermax and Seasonic are the earliest adopters/designers.  The efficiency standards don't apply to usage below 20% load where most PCs typically operate most of the time.  Again the major vendors like Antec/Seasonic and Enermax are efficient below 20% as well.  If the HEC expells hot air at idle it is not efficient.  The Antec Basiq (Fortron), found at many retailers is cool at idle.  The Enermax marketing model differs from most.


                      There is no rail or line that provides 1.5 volts or whatever the RAM uses; it must be distributed from the 12 volt line.  The amperage is the most important consideration as well as ripple etc.  Take whatever nVidia specifies quite literally.  In my case nearly enough watts was not enough, with multitasking but no intensive graphics.  I found out too late the 8600GT expected a 485 watt supply when I had a 450.  Regardless, the current (amps) is the important value.  BeHardware has also shown that some cards will draw more than the 75 watts of the graphics slot design.  Whether any exceed the real limit is unknown.  Visit SilentPCReview, Anandtech and TomsHardware for reviews and power supply design information.

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                        Part deux:

                        nVidia and AMD design cards and build reference cards that manufacturers base their cards on.  Since they typically overclock them and have different cooling solutions you should use the manufacturer's specs and the designer's drivers.