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    Definite Answer - Memory volttage for Sandy Bridge i7 2600K


      Hello ive been looking for confirmation about this subject, but everyone state opposite, and i don't know who to trust....


      So i would love to hear from an Intel emploey - enginer or whatever, is it ok to run 1.65V memory kits on SB?


      And one more thing, i plan to use the same memory for my future Ivy Bridge build, and i heard that Ivy will use 1.35v ram as a default, which is even lower then the present 1.5v recommended, so if i buy 1.65v now i cant use it later for Ivy Bridge build, which will be compatable with present p67/z68 boards as far as i know.


      Where i live is kinda hard to find 1.5v modules so i must know the real answer, is it really safe to run 1.65v memory?