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    DX58SO2 Going Insane!


      I have just made the ultimate mistake and purchased a DX58SO2 motherboard,  I am an IT director overseeing 30+ workstations and 12 servers.  I have NEVER had this much trouble with an Intel product, and that's all I use.


      My config is this:

      DX58SO2 mobo

      i7-970, 3.20 GHz, 12MB cache (SLBVF) (6-core)

      12GB Corsair XMS3 1333 (CMX12GX3M3A1333C9)

      2 Hitachi 1TB Ultrastar HDDs, configured as RAID 1 (mirrored), not using the Marvell connectors.


      First, the mobo reboots itself several times before it "catches" and finally boots.  I cannot even complete a Win7 Ultimate 64-bit install, it ramdomly reboots in the middle of the setup process.  I just swapped out the memory for 6Gb XMS3 I had on an older DX58SO mobo, and I just watched it reboot 37 times before it FINALLY went into BIOS.  The debug codes are 68-69-e4-34-2d-30-reboot.


      CPU is running fine and cool (relatively).  I have swapped out HDDs.


      I am running pretty much default BIOS, except I disabled the C1E setting, that was the only way I could get past the initial Win7 setup phase.  Didn't last, though, second stage reboots too.


      Does anyone know the memory profiles settings to use for this RAM?


      Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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          UP the volts from 1.5 to 1.6 . This can safely done with that ram .

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            Ok, after swapping parts for several hours, I finally narrowed it down to a faulty CPU.  I replaced the CPU with another that I know is fully functional.


            Now here's the problem:  I still cannot install Win7 Ult 64.  I go through the install procedure, it does the initial copy of files, expanding of  files, does its initial installation of updates and then reboots.  Then it shows the windows splash screen, goes through the 4 little orbs floating around, waits a few seconds and BAM! hard reset.  Mobo shuts down and restarts.  It will then go through the splash screen-reset cycle over and over, forever if you let it.  The debug code on the board is "00", and all lights are steady green on the status bar.  I have swapped ram for ram I know works, I have swapped hard drives for those I know work, and I have tried both RAID, ACHI and IDE configs, single and dual HDD.  Always the same result.  Anyone else seen this?  Any clues?

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              maybe this link will help. there's a lot of information from different folks having similar problems.




              Good Luck

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                I noticed in your list of components you did not sat what Power Supply you are using in this SYS,  ???

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                  The power supply is a Corsair 1000w unit. 


                  I have basically decided to RMA both the mobo and the CPU.

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                    Ok, received my replacement (RMA'd) DX58SO2 yesterday.  Installed with a new i7 970 (6-core), new Corsair XMS3 (12Gb, 3x4Gb).


                    Spent nearly 4 hours attempting to load windows 7 ultimate before i finally gave up.  This board is simply too unstable.  I flashed back to bios ver 603, then back to 779, same results.  Even with windows sitting at login, doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, it reboots. Sometimes it will go thru several reboots, initializing the RAM but failing to post the CPU, before it comes back up.  I intended to use this machine for heavy graphic design.  I cannot have it randomly rebooting.


                    I am returning this one to exchange for an older (tried and true) DX58SO.  I know it isnt as fancy and feature-loaded as the DX58SO2, but I have 6 of these in play, some for nearly 2 years, all running RAID 1 arrays, and I have not had a single issue with any of them.  According to Intel, the DX58SO will support the new 6-core CPUs, including the 970.


                    I wish all those who are choosing to stick with the SO2 and wait out the storm all the best luck.  Intel should be ashamed to put out such an obviously flawed product, and let their customers debug it for them.  A little too much like Microsoft, if you ask me.


                    P.S.  I did have a thought, though.  I did notice that there seemed to be two different reboots:  First, running a particular software (chrome was one, resizing a chrome window would instantly cause a reboot, time and again.)  The second seemed to perhaps be temperature related.  If the machine was off for a period of time and then booted up, it would be several minutes before the first random reboot.  If it had been running a while, the reboots became more frequent.  I noticed that the bios was reading the CPU temp at around 54c.  I am using the stock cooler that came with the CPU, and yes I did install the thermal paste.  I am just wondering if the board in general is running hot.  Design flaw?

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                      Ok, I returned the DX58SO2, and purchased the older (reliable) DX58SO.  I put the same CPU and RAM on the new board, updated the BIOS to the newest and greatest, and VOILA!  Works perfect.


                      I was even able to set the memory timing to the correct settings (9-9-9-24-2T) for my Corsair XMS RAM.  I have been running for 6 days now, non-stop, running 100% utilization CPU and RAM stress tests, not a single failure or reboot.


                      IMHO, as stated by others here, the main problem with the DX58SO2 is the faulty memory detection and handling.  Intel really phoned it in on this one.


                      If you are tired and weary of hammering away at your DX58SO2, get a DX58SO.  Yeah, it doesn't have the extra memory slots, and yeah, it doesn't have the fancy bluetooth and wifi gizmo, and yeah, it doesn't have the fancy-looking coolers on the board (it does, however, run cooler than the SO2 ever did).  But it works.  Reliably.  And it pretty much does everything the SO2 was supposed to do.


                      Maybe if Intel gets a lot of returns that no one is asking for replacements, but opting for other boards, they will get the picture that this was a major flub.

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                        i have a same experience


                        i have dx58so and dx58so2.


                        i can't load xmp profile in dx58so2


                        the same merory is working 1600 speed in dx58so with xmp profile



                        dx58so2 has a critial defection about high speed memory (support xmp profile)