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    Trouble with a Intel DQ35JO


      Hello, I am having trouble with my Intel DQ35JO motherboard. The hard drive failed, and when I installed the new harddrive it now gets a error. "EIT is installed, but VT is not enabled". I have tried IDE and SATA drives. If anyone can help me, I'm be very grateful.



      Michael Nicolia


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          Anyone know, anything about this issue I am having?  I don't want to buy another mb, if I don't have too. I know if I end up buying another board, it will not be an intel board, because of support issues.



          Michael Nicolia

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            That message doesn't ring any bells for me but I'm sure you can resolve things and get it all working again properly if it was only your old HDD which died (they don't tend to take motherboards with them when they fail). I see this board handles PATA as well as SATA drives - what is your new drive and how is it connected? When you just change a defective HDD with a new HDD, the new HDD will likely come empty (some come with small HDD utilities but mostly they're empty). This means that if you then boot the PC straight after connecting the drive, you wont have an operating system installed and will normally get a message telling you as much (or just a flashing cursor going nowhere fast). There's a big bit of info you've left out here - what setup have you done?


            Firstly, go into the motherboards BIOS and load setup (or even better optimum) defaults then save out of there. Then go back in and make sure you have your HDD set up as an AHCI drive. What operating system are you using? Have you any experiencee installing Windows before? Have you installed all the necessary drivers? Tell us more!