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    DZ68DB: BIOS 0014 reset issue


      Hello all,


      I've recently bought a DZ68DB-type mainboard, which shipped with a v0014 BIOS.


      One issue I have with this is the following: Whenever I hit the PC's reset button or reboot via the corresponding Windows option, the system intermittently turns itself off (for about 2 or 3 seconds, turning off power to the entire system, including fans and hard disks) and then powers on again.  This is not only something I've never encountered with any other mainboard (including Intel ones), but it also doesn't happen with the previous (v0011) BIOS (with which the reset happens as expected, rebooting immediately).  Of course I've reset the BIOS to defaults to rule out odd settings causing this -- I also haven't found any options influencing this.


      Am I the only one with this issue, or can others confirm this behavior?  Should this be reported as a bug (anyone in the know as to where to do so?)?



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          Normaly thats caused by the BIOS looking for something IE a wireless keyboard or a unreconized USB device.

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            I am just putting together a DZ68DB system and saw some strange things happening after upgrading to 0014.  I have seen the power down for a couple seconds and power back up when you flash the BIOS.  There is a BIOS option to add 20 seconds delay to the power sequencing during BIOS update.  This seemed to eliminate this flash issue -- possibly it will help with the reset issue you are facing.


            I am curious to know what the default CPU fan control settings are when you attempt to load BIOS defaults.


            The defaults the system chooses for me is 80 C to begin to control the fan and 88 C for full fan control.  The concern I have here is I have a 2600K which is not to exceed 72.5 C.  Why is the BIOS even defaulting to such high numbers?


            With more reasonable BIOS settings, and using the internal video ports, I can get the system to 78 C using prime - which is another concern.  I've tried to reseat the heatsink a couple times now without any issue.  Also, forcing the fan on 100% by manually setting the BIOS or directly connecting the CPU fan to a 12 volt power supply does not provide any better cooling.


            In addition, I cannot set the default internal video port to anything but AUTO or I will loose the boot screen display.  For example, setting the default video to HDMI and connecting a HDMI enabled display will result in no video signal until the Windows start screen appears.  Setting the default video to DVI and connecting a DVI enabled display shows the same thing.

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              Do you have a add on graphics card installed ??

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                A graphics card is not installed in the system.   I am relying on the available motherboard video ports.

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                  What method did you use to update the BIOS ??

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                    I've tried to upgrade the firmware every which way I can... through the BIOS configuration recovery, through USB, through CD ROM, and through Windows.  I get the same response.


                    It would be great if some one with this motherboard can confirm they are seeing the same thing.

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                      Do you have Norton or something like that , if so always turn it off when doing BIOS updates. and I mean turn off everything firewalls antivirous , These things can cause a corrupted BIOS.

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                        BIOS 0014 was installed before I loaded any OS so the only conflict could have been the BIOS itself.

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                          Try doing a BIOS recovery , it is possible that the BIOS you have now is corrupted , At lesat that would elimited a bad BIOS.

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                            Regarding the temperatures.  The reported temperatures you are seeing are from the actual CPU die (or core temperature) from the hottest part of the silicon. The maximum temperature you are trying to work towards however is the Tcase temperature which isn't the same thing and is always lower than the core, the Tcase is the temperature of the metal heatspreader that sits against the CPU heatsink, and you can't get this figure without a special modified CPU.  The Tcase is more an integrator measurement, simply ignore this.  The CPU die temperature will be rated at 90 degrees or even more, which is why you see the BIOS settings at 80 degrees plus for ramping up the fan.


                            Also benchmark programs designed to stress and run the CPU to maximum can and will sometimes exceed the maximum temperature ratings, this is because Intel tends to spec the cooling solutions based on real world scenarios in order to avoid over engineering heatsinks etc just to cope with non-real world usage such as synthetic benchmarks.  Real-world usage rarely sees the CPU completely ramped up to the maximum.


                            Should the CPU exceed maximum temperature levels it will start to ramp its speed down to avoid damage.





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                              I am having the same issue. but my main problem is updating the bios above 0014.