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    i5 2500k - Battlefield 2 shadows pixelated and black spots


      I have a i5 2500k with windows 7 ultimate 64-bits and with the latest graphic driver 2361, have pixelated shadows in Battlefield 2 (very, very pixelated) and black flickering spots on the terrain. It's extremely annoying. With driver 2342, the black spots are gone but the shadows problem persists. Only with the driver 2219 that came with my mobo (asus p8h67-m evo rev3b), these problems are not happening, BUT if I use this old driver I CAN'T activate FSAA in ANY game. It just doesn't allow to change FSAA settings and is always in off. With the newer drivers, I get to use FSAA, but this problem happens in Battlefield 2 v1.50.

      I would very much appreciate it if this BUG was to be corrected in the next driver version. I know it's an old game but it's my favourite game and my BF2 buddies, who also upgraded to i5 2500k (but my own recommendation) are frustrated as much as I am.

      So, please intel, give me an answer on how to fix this issue or considerate it when you release a new driver version.

      Other than this, I am VERY happy with my new cpu, it's really awesome in every sense and the HD3000 is great for an IGP, the best in mho.

      Thanx in advance to anyone who might help me.