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    SCB2 serverboard BIOS report 6x1G memory as 6080M, is this correct?


      the SCB2 serverboard BIOS is AMIBIOS 2003. When plug in 2x1G memory sticks, the bios reported 2048M, added another 2x1G, total memory become 4032M, added two more 2x1G, the bios reported 6080M. I wonder the serverboard bios detected total momery correctly.

      separately tested three pair of 2x1G memory sticks, bios reported 2048M for each pair, means all memory sticks are the same. Also tested in 3 memory banks separately, each time plugged in one pair of 2x1G memory sticks, bios reported 2048M, means memory banks are the same and in good working condition.

      I thought the total memory should be 2048x3=6144M, since BIOS reports 6080M, wonder if that is correct? OR something go wrong with the serverboard.