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    How to uninstall Intel Pro(R) Network Connection Software v9.2.4.9


      Hi All,


      My first post here.


      I have a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1, Iomega NAS 400r.

      Long ago we installed Intel Pro(R) Network Connection Software v9.2.4.9

      to allow Teaming. That has developed a problem (constant enabling and

      disabling of alternate NICs). So my first port of call was to update the

      Intel drivers. This is what happened:


      1) Download latest drivers from this site.

      2) Run PROWin32.exe

      3) Receive this message:

      "The installed version of Intel PROSet is not supported for upgrades.

      You must uninstall it, before installing this version". Fair enough.

      4) Run Add/Remove Programs

      5) Clck Change/Remove on  "Intel Pro(R) Network Connection Software" entry

      6) Recieve this message "Usage: DxSetup.exe /i/x /q[r|n] /l[i|w|e|a] <Full path of log file> [ANS=0|1]".


      So can't upgrade and no instructions on how to unistall the old version.

      Erm... Help?!