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    Unable to rotate screen with G45/G43 on Windows 7 SP1 Acer Aspire


      Hello all, I appreciate any help with this issue:


      I'm unable to rotate the screen from landscape to portrait. I have downloaded the current drivers for both the G45/G43 chipset and the monitor. When I right-click on the desktop and select Graphic Properties/General Settings/Rotation/Rotate to 90 degrees/Apply, the screen goes black for a second, then reappears in landscape mode still, with the caption "The new settings have been applied. Do you want to keep these settings?" However, nothing changes, and the Rotation command reverts to "Rotate to Normal"


      If I try to make the change through Control Panel/Appearance and Personalization/Display/Screen Resolution , the following appears, i.e. there is no option for portrait orientation.


      Tech support at Acer suggests resetting the one-week old computer to factory settings, but I would like to think there is another way to fix this issue. Please help!

      Screen shot.png