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    HCB failed with SCS7 and SCCM


      I tried to set up my PCs using http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-6474

      I followed instruction of this article. But failed at section 3.5. Log file on client machine indicates Notivy.vbs is not signed.. See attached hbc.log file.

      My client machine is Intel DQ67SW with Windows 7 64bit, amt driver is installed.


      SCCM server is SCCM 2007 SP2, and SCS7 is isntalled to the same server.

      Is NOtify.vbs corrupted? What should I do?

      Please give me advice.

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               Did you tried use the "/LowSecurity" to avoid digital signature checks and see if it works?


          Best Regards!

          --Bruno Domingues

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            That works... AMT is provisioned.


            Second line of hbc.bat is not executed. It should "ACUConfig SystemDiscovery /nofile" . Right?


            Then I tried to enter WMIC command from command line prompt, but Wmic trurns error indicates "Invalid Verb Switch"  IS that the reason that I can't see my provisioned clinet on provisioned collection I made?



            By the way,  SCS screen shot and description in your pdf file does not match the curent version of SCS7. Would you please update the document?

            Also, please include XML files and BAT file in the zip file. copy and paste those text may include header and footer of codument.


            Thanks a lot.