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    Motherboard Problem



         I have a intel 945GCPE motherboard and from last week onwards,I didnt get any display on monitor but the Processor is running.Then I made a check on my motherboard and realised that the problem is from Motherbord only,So anyone Please tell me where to send it for repair,I think The motherboard is under 3 year warranty....

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          It'll depend where you are and what the contract of sale agreement was with your supplier. Some shops will honour the full warranty through themselves but many just do the first year and any warranty issues after this must be raised with the manufacturer. To contact Intel, start from here: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=desktop but if the fault with your D945GCPE based system turns out not to due to a motherboard fault covered under the warranty, then it could get quite complicated. What do you think has caused this fault and how did you come to the conclusion the motherboard is to blame?