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    Cannot use 23Hz or 59Hz settings on G6x graphics.


      Phew, thought I was the only one in the world with this issues..

      I have the 2401 driver, and I suffer from the "random resolution when selecting 23 Hz"-issue. Sometimes I get 1280x720, other times 1024x768, but never 1920x1080 with 23 Hz. 24 Hz works fine, but framedrops every 40 seconds or so due to missync - frustrating!


      CPU: Core i3 2100T

      Mobo: Asus P8H67-I Deluxe

      Memory: 2x1 GB Samsung DDR3 (SO-DIMM, ofc)

      TV: Panasonic G20 50" (connected with HDMI)


      Will try downgrading to 2291, seems to be a popular one.


      EDIT: Well, 23 Hz "works", but as far I can tell it's the same as 24 Hz, just with another label? MPC-HC atleast shows my playback as 24.001 fps, with UAC disabled.

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