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    What does "set my status" mean & how do I do it?


      Sorry  to have to ask this dumb question, but I've been  getting emails  from  this site for months now that are telling me "Log  in & set  your  status". Of course, it doesn't tell me what that means  & I  have no  idea what it means. I've tried searching & looking   everything I can  think of, but I don't get it. Can somebody please help   the dumb guy out  & tell me what "set my status" means & how I  do  it?

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          1.  Go to http://communities.intel.com/index.jspa

          2. Register to get a username and password.

          3.  Login (check Remember Me for auto login)

          4.  Click on the Your View tab (top right , yes my other right, AKA LEFT, of first window)

          5.  Under Status Update in column on right side of window, click update


          This should allow you to enter your status comments.


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            Ohh, you mean the tabs on the left (not the top right) that says "Your View" (not View)? I've gone in there & see the status now. Thank you!


            Since you got me close enough for me to stumble the rest of the way, maybe you could help poor old bonehead Engineer (me) out & let me know what in the world that means? What "status" am I being asked for? My marital status, my employement status or mental status? This whole site is beyond my patience & understanding. At least the people here are very kind. That sorta makes up for whacky lack of common sense that prevails on the layout. It's good thing Intel makes better products than they make forums.


            Thank you so much for your help! I hope now that I'll FIANLLY stop getting those emails telling me I haven't set my status. Now I'll probably get emails every two weeks telling me what my status is!!

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              OK, sorry about the errors and omissions, but glad you found where to set (and update) your status.  I'm no fan of social networks, but my conclusion is that you can say anything in this area that is informative, interesting, non-insulting, and civil.  Otherwise, I'm in the same newby boat and clueless as to the intended function of this item.  Negative comments should be acceptable as long as they describe an issue and politely inform others of how to avoid the issue or warn them of unanticipated and undesirable outcomes from a specific action.  It's not a perfect world, but what one person sees as constructive criticism may be insulting to another.  I guess you can read other peoples status and see what they are saying.  I tried this and my conclusion is that most people do not use this feature.


              There are many ways for things to go wrong despite the efforts of all the people involved in any process.  I've found that most customers are just trying to find a way to avoid the pain and to learn how to avoid future issues.  While many companies have started to use forums to reduce the cost of product support, many customers are very frustrated by having to wade thru pages of speculation about fixes and suggestions that don't solve the problem.  Sometimes I find the exact solution to a problem, but many most times I don't.  Sometimes Google leads you to a solution that you can't find by using a manufacturers own search function on their website.  Support variation is huge.


              Sooner or later some company will employ Six Sigma tools or other analysis processes to determine how to make the forum method of support more effective, since customers seem to be stuck with it due to it's lower cost.  The biggest problems are how do companies find out what the real problems are and how do customers find out when a problem requires a fix from the manufacturer and no amount of "re-installing" will solve the problem.  Once problems can be identified to have a solution, then the cost of fixing will be compared to warranty costs to determine how to most effectively utilize engineering or manufacturing resources to implement fixes.  How to educate the consumer market to correctly integrate components and install software to create a successful system is far more difficult.  Technical professionals don't always have the time or incentive to take this on by themselves.


              Unfortunately, you will continue to receive nag messages to update your status after you have entered an intial statement.


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                Well I too am getting the same annoying e-mail.


                I am logged in (obviously as I am responding) but see NO "View tab" opr status update.


                how about a few screen shots?

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                  Another way to find the  "Your View" tab is to select "Communities" under  "Your Stuff" in the welcome bar at the top of the page.


                  I also found another similar thread:  http://communities.intel.com/thread/17883


                  where PeterUK says "set your status" means "Let others know what you are up to"

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                    First, let me say again that I really appreciate the help. This site just drives me crazy. Next let me say that I understand why that tab is hard to find. I've found that even though (at least to me) it looks like I'm logging in at the same place, I just figured out that is not the case. I just clicked on the link in the e-mail from this post & it brought me to a place to log in. I logged in & now I'm not at the same place I've been every other time I've logged in here. So, either they've changed the code on the web site over night (unlikely, but not impossible) or there are more ways to log in that I first thought.


                    That said, wherever one is when they log in, below your login info are several links (Home, Intel Communities, etc depending on where you are). Of course, you can't tell that they're links until you put your mouse over them. They just look like blue words on the page, but they're links. If you're not already on the "Intel Communities" page, just click on the link that says "Intel Communities" & that will take you to where you need to go. Once you're there you will see two tabs under those same links (which now just say "Home Intel Communities"). The tab on the left says "All Content" & the tab on the right says "Your View". Click on the "Your View" tab.


                    Now you will see a couple of blue 'bubbles'; one says 'Create your own...." & the other says "Hi, ....". We don't care about those. Below those you will see three white columns; from left to right they say: "Places, Recent Activity & Status Updates". You're here! The far right column, "Status Updates" is where you need to be. To change your status (or set your status if you've never done this before), just click on the blue link (update). You can tell that (update) is a link because it actually looks like a link. The word "update" is blue. Click the word "update" type in some words & click "save". You're status is updated...


                    See? That was easy. Only 35 steps & we're there. Why was I complaining about that??? It's soooo simple. Not to mention sooo important. Right? WHO CARES!! I truly appreciate the help I get on this site from you guys & other users, but I highly doubt that ANYONE cares what anyone else is doing. Right? I mean, hey are we on Facebook or Twitter or are we on the Intel site trying to figure out how this stuff works? Oh well, like Paul Simon said, "One man's ceiling is another man's floor".


                    Thank you for your help & keeping a sense of humor.

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                      Well, after 39 years of engineering, including 10 years as a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, analyzing warranty and directing engineering resources to reduce cost, I'm  now a web apprentice (way below a master), but I haven't figured out the Intel website.  Although I've found nuggets of gold while fumbling thru the rubble, their support seems to be primarily for technical professionals, which leaves the average consumer guessing.


                      When I tried to get warranty replacement of a DH67CL (chipset defect issue) their support process questions are worded to block retail customer attempts to conctact someone at Intel.  This is despite following their instructions for warranty support to the letter.  Rather than searching (with website search box) for solutions, I spent some time just clicking on links and discovered helpful viideos (some are kindergarten level), "How To,,," procedures and lots of other excellent technical data sheets.  There is a lot of good info to discover, but it's sometimes difficult to find.


                      One trick I've used on some websites is to find the "site map" which helps you find otherwise hidden or hard to find information.  I'd say that in the last year or so the Intel website has improved significantly and their driver update utility, which was pre-beta to start with, is much better and taking them in the right direction.  Then I got a server board and discovered I was back to ground zero. . . "totally different support in every way" from desktop boards!  Mostly set up for large corporation IT techs.  Now I understand why "anger management" class may be quite useful.  Despite the frustration and pain, it's still rewarding to learn and succeed.  There's always something new with computers.

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                        I can feel your pain! I've been there too. I don't have your credentials, but I do have a very similar background & your story (which I'm sure is just one of more than 10,000 you could have shared) sounds just like plenty of mine & I'm sure the vast majority of people on this site.


                        To me, Lean Six Sigma is truly our last hope in all of this. If not for that, I'm sure ISO 90X would perish from this earth. I've used the Site Map "trick" many times myself & am very glad you reminded me (& all who read this) of that one. It's VERY useful. As a long time IVR Engineer (press 1 for this, press 2 for that), it's as helpful as telling people that they can almost always press 0 (zero) to get a person, even if they don't tell you as a menu choice.


                        There is ONE item that you may not have seen on this site. I hesitate to even bring it up because Intel may stop using it if too many people know about it, even though it's right out in plain site (for this site). You can actually "chat" with a REAL Support person from this web site. As with most things on this site, it's hard to find & you have to be Indiana Jones to get to it.


                        But here are the steps to do so:


                        1. Click on the "Support" link at the very top of the page (up by the Intel logo). It's at the top of all the pages on this part of the web site.
                        2. Click on the "Contact Support" link at the very bottom right hand corner of that page. In the "Help" column.
                        3. Choose which category your product might be in your choices are, "Desktop Motherboards, Server Products, Processors, Graphics etc"
                        4. Choose the blue computer monitor that says "Live Chat Support" on the screen (on the right), IF the screen has a green dot on it. If it has a red X they're not available.
                        5. Enter ALL of the details in blanks on the screen that pops up & start chatting with support person.


                        I've used this method several times & I've mostly gotten good support people to help me. Some of them can't wait to get rid of you (or me anyway) & some of them told me stuff that was questionable. At least I didn't sit on hold for 30 minutes first or wait for hours or days for an answer.

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                          This is almost exactly the way I finally got thru to Intel, but I can't check it out again until Monday when chat is online again.  I want to go to the last pre-chat qualification question and see if it's changed to allow a retail desktop motherboard customer to contact Intel via chat.


                          Have a good weekend.


                          Monday Update:  If you pick Warranty Return as the type of query the last question is:  "Warranty: If you have purchased a complete system, have you contacted your system manufacturer?"   When I tried to connect to Live Chat last week, it did not matter if I answered Yes or No to the last question, I was directed to deal with the system manufacturer and could not connect to Live Chat.


                          Today when I tried to connect to Live Chat when I answered "Yes" and I was connected to Lvie Chat.


                          It seems like there should also be a category for Motherboards since product types listed: Desktop, Processor, Chipset or Graphics, Server, Wireless, Wired Ethernet, and Solid-State Devices do not seem to fit for consumer system builders that purchase an Intel motherboard.


                          Whatever the issue was (logic error or user error), it's been resolved.


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