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    Update BIOS


      Hello everyone ,

      I'm really new here and I need your help with a problem I have with my BIOS.

      But let me explain to you how it happened.

      Recently,I bought a RAM memory for my desktop pc.

      After installing it, the system came out with a problem on the screen which I also have captured in the picture above ,for you to see.DSC01648.JPG

      So the morning after I went at the store so they could check the memory for any problems but it turns out that it's clear.

      So now the only thing it needs to be done for the problem to be solved it's an update for the BIOS.

      Some information for my motherboard that will help: MOTH.INTEL.BLKDG31PR  ( D60188-001 N7401D M1 F09A-12B1S2 01 AC2H3 (CX) )

      Please help me find the exact link for my motherboard  so the BIOS can be updated .

      Thank you !