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    Trouble installing drivers for WLAN


      I have a Lenovo S10e that needed a complete reinstall of Windows. It no longer has the preload, just xp, service pack 3, from disks I own. Everything has reinstalled fine after using drivers from Lenovo website except wireless – appears in device manager as Network Controller (with yellow exclamation mark).
      I thought from info on the net that this machine has a Broadcom 4130 wireless pci card and so installed driver 54wg04ww from Lenovo site but the Network controller properties says
      The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)


      To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.


      So I kept checking, and in the device manger details tab for the Network Controller, Device instance id, it shows PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4237&SUBSYS_12118086&REV_00\4&2803E7C1&0&00E2
      which a search on the net suggests is Intel PRO Wireless 5100 AGN Shiloh Network Connection. I tried searching Intel's site and found the 5100 driver (I think) with the setup files

      ICS_Dx32.exe and
      but when trying to run them, nothing seems to happen at all.

      Any clues how to get the wireless up and running?

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          @ Riman,


          Have you tried the Intel® System Identification Utility?

          - This can tell you the exact model of wireless card installed on the system, and refer you to the proper driver link.


          Also, you may want to try performing a system restore from Windows*?, since it seems like a registry problem, rather than a hardware issue. This can restore the computer state to when it was working before.


          Try going to "All programs", "Accesories", "System Tools" then to the "System restore" option. Choose a date when all was working before and start the process there. This might give you a hint on what's going on. If all fails, go ahead and ask the computer manufacturer for drivers, they can look them up using the model number of your system, telling you what's the right hardware installed on the first place.


          Good Luck!


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            All fixed. A friend suggested to use the original driver from Intel website rather than latest version. Now, I don't know if it was coincidence but Windows installed 51 updates in between my last post and my attempt to install the abovementioned driver. This install attempt actually ran, installed the software and everything's a go-go. Thanks for all the assistance.