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    Problem with Intel Core 2 Duo E8500.


      Hi to all people. I´m Martin from Argentina and I need some help.


      I think that I have a problem with my processor; it´s a Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16ghz. Well....that is the model, but in my motherboard as on Windows 7 Professional x64 both says that both cores are running at 2.53 Ghz.


      I really don´t understand where is the problem with is. Worst of it, I manage to find out this situation 2 years after I buyied it.


      My motherboard is Asus model P5SD2-VM; I manage to send them an email with the same problem, but I hope that the Intel boys around here could help me with this, specially when I´m wondering where are the remaining 600 Mhz between 2.53 Ghz (current speed) and 3.16 Ghz (the speed that needs to be).


      My computer works perfect, but I don´t know where the problem is. I tryied to disable SpeedStep from the BIOS, but the results are the same: both cores are running at 2.53 Ghz and I want them running at 3.16 Ghz, like the speed of the Core Model says.


      Can someone assist me, please?. I apologize if my english is not good; I´m making the best.


      Regards from Argentina!.



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          The issue that you are describing should be solved by just disabling the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology in the BIOS of your motherboard, but if it does not work, then I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard and testing the processor on a 2nd known working and compatible motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior.

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            The CPU when idle slows down to save energy, so that's why you see the  clock speed lower than the advertised speed, when you run some programs  it will adjust the speed based on the work that you apply.