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    DH67CL B3 Audio and Video Drop-Outs (Scratching) - High Latency?




      I'm experiencing some drop-outs while playing audio or video. Here's my system:

      DH67CL motherboard B3 stepping (confirmed by Intel's application)

      8 GB DDR3 1333 Kingston RAM (2 x 4 GB)

      Core i7 2600 processor

      X-25 40GB SSD on SATA2 as my boot drive

      2 x Seagate HDDs on SATAs 0 and 1 in a RAID 1 (mirrored) array

      Windows 7 64-bit


      Most of the times the drop-outs happen when I open new applications and new browser windows/tabs, but sometimes it happens also while only playing. I'm using DPC Latency Checker and noticed a high latency peak happens everytime a drop-out occur (sometimes a high latency peak also occurs and I notice no audio/video drop-out). Hardly never I listen to a song and get no drop-out. The highest number of drop-outs I got was 3 in a row, 15 secs apart from each other.The highest latency peaks are about 43000 microseconds, most of them are about 36000 microsecs.


      I first thought it was a problem with the ethernet adapter. Disabeled it but didn't help.

      Then I thought of the SSD and disabled the pagefile. I sense fewer drop-outs (and latency peaks), but just a few less, it's far from stopping completelly.

      Tried copying songs and videos to my SSD and run from there, but it still got the same drop-outs.


      I'm using the latest drivers and firmwares as of today June 8th.


      Any ideas on how to solve my problem?


      Thanks a lot.

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          By looking for answers over the Internet, I got some tips on Microsoft Answers and I'm pretty much sure my problem was caused by Intel Desktop Utilities. I disabled it and the problem stopped, the latency has not gotten higher than 1200 microseconds and usually doesn't get more than 200 (the peaks are around 600). The version I was running is Hopefully Intel will improve it on the next versions. I also had another issue with it, that I already posted: one of the temperature sensors had a default treshold of zero degrees C, and even if I changed it, the next boot it reset to zero. So I had to disable the notification for that particular sensor.

          Thank you.

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            Just to add some more information, the IDU versions up to are still causing high latency and audio and video drop-outs. It seems that there is less occurrence of the drop-outs, but some still remain.


            Thank you.