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    moving to larger HDDs in raid 1, can't boot from newly built non-raid drive


      I have been following the instructions in solution id:cs-030751 "How do I move my RAID 1 volume to larger hard drives"


      My controller is the ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R sata raid controller.  I am running VISTA 64, Home Premium edition. Old drives were Seagate 500 gb.  New drives WD 1 TB wd1002faex caviar black.


      Replaced one of the 500gb with a 1 tb.  Did the rebuild.  Seemed fine.  Then set disks to non-raid as instructed.  Shut down system and removed the 500 gb drive leaving the newly rebuilt 1 tb drive, now non-raid.  Instruction 13 of the instructions has me turn the system back on, but it will not re-boot.  It is the only hdd.  Went into bios setup to move the new drive to be the first thing in the boot list.  Still no go.  It doesn't see the drive as bootable. How do I get the computer to boot from this drive?  If I hook up the 500 gb drive (which is also non-raid now) the computer will boot.  Shouldn't the mirror on the 1tb be an exact copy of the 500 gb drive?   Ideas?  Is there a way to make this drive bootable?  Was I supposed to do something to the new drives before the rebuild?


      Please help!  Thanks.