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    I have problems with DP67BG motherboard



      I have DP67BG motherboard and there are two problems that i can't find solution for.


      1. The CPU fan works at constant speed of about 1,000 rpm. If the CPU temperature rising the fan speed stays the same.

      2. When the PC is off the motherboard makes a weak noise, but only when the PC is off. When i power ON the PC the noise dissapears.


      I have updated the bios to the latest version (1979) and it didn't solve the problems.



      Thank you !

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          Well, this is a fan malfunction or your power supply is not enough or defective, also, depending the motherboards, there is an option in bios to choose a none intel one and genuine intel fan speed and management bu tI am not familiar with this board.



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            You need to change BIOS settings in the Fan Control section.


            Just click the temperature and find RPM settings.


            The point is, that you have to adjust Target temperature, the default is 85 degrees, I guess.


            So, you change target temp to for example 50 degrees, and the range of CPU cooler RPM %.

            Target temp means motherboard tries to maintain set (50 degrees) temperature of CPU or lower.


            The default setting of 85 degrees means, that CPU RPM will raise only when CPU temp reaches that value, which I have never seen. That is why your RPMs stay around 1000.


            Minimum is set to 20% and max to 100%. Also, you should enter degree at which RPM go to 100% (for example 75 degrees).




            It is not some issue with hardware itself, it is just settings, that need to be changed.


            Hope that helped.