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    Intel HD graphics driver is disasterous for the N5010 i15R-1110 Dell Inspiron laptop




      Just wanted to report what a disaster Intel HD graphics driver is for the

      N5010 i15R-1110 Dell Inspiron laptop.


      This just happened to me on two brand new laptops: Microsoft update is recommending be downloaded and installed, so I dutifully installed the recommended update.


      However, after installation, whenever the display turns off due to inactivity and then the display

      turns back on, each and every time five vertical columns of gibberish about 1.5 inches

      wide and the full height of the display appear. This is a significant problem.


      They appear on both the internal display and any external VGA display that might be attached.

      (Didn't test HDMI.)


      Rolling back to eliminates the problem.


      Dell/Intel/Microsoft need to do something about this ASAP as it has the potential to affect

      thousands of laptops real quickly, presumably most belonging to people

      who will be clueless about how they were screwed.