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    os installation problem


      Hi Sir,






      i m in problem, i have Intel® Server Board SE7501WV2 with four scsi (hot swapable) HDD,s. it is formated with zero level by my brother and now i want to install windows xp or windows server 2003 enterprise edition onthis server. also my server has SCSI cdrom (samsung, hot swapable).






      my problem is that when i insert the cd in cdrom and go for boot my server is not bootinb with any bootable cd. its shows that existing boot message twise and after that boot prosses is halted message. i consult with my friend he told me that before installing OS u need SCSI deivers so that your cdrom going to boot from bootable cd otherwise it wil not detect any cd.



      It is right ? shall i do that? or if need to install drivers pls tell me the steps and requirment or from where should i download required drivers?






      pls help me i want to use server for my practicals..pls reply soon..






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          Javed Lodhi


          Hello Guest,



          First, you need to ensure if your BIOS recognized CD-ROM.



          Second, confirm the boot sequence of your system i.e. CD-ROM should be selected as first boor device in the boot sequence.



          Now, for SCSI drivers, access the following URL, select the OS  which in your case will be "Windows Server 2003 Enterprise" from the drop down list and download the drivers for SCSI. You will also find drivers for LAN and ATA from this URL for your motherboard in case you need them.



          SCSI Drivers for SE7501WV2



          Moreover, did you consult TA (Technical Advisory), FAQs on SE7501WV2 Support Website? In case you haven't, I'd advise you to visit the support site for your motherboard.



          Proceed with the installation and in case you encounter any further problems, don't hesitate to get in touch; we will be glad to help.






          Warm Regards,




          Javed Lodhi



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