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    intel 2600k display driver stopped working frequently



      I bought a new PC last saturday and have issues; explained below. Its a Intel 2600K on a ASRock Z68 Pro3-m.


      I am almost happy with the products, however I have issues concerning the display driver.

      Since saturday I have had multiple "display driver stopped working" errors (15+ in 2 days). I noticed it most likely happens while browsing, maybe using flash or java. Sometimes it takes up to 2minutes to recover from black screen, then get the notification from Windows. Thought it got better after 79 Win7 updates, However - not fixed.

      It also appears that if I play HD musicvideos on Youtube at the same time I am using google maps to zoom in and out quickly, the sounds makes weird sounds similar to soundloops when fully crashed (using S/PDIF out for receiver). Until now it recovers everytime.

      I think a system that new and expansive must work properly while browsing even though google maps and youtube may be very ressource consuming. So I am concerned there is a hardware malfunction.


      Also 3d modling software" Blender" openGL viewport is rendered rather slow. But that might be ok.


      Best regards,



      Here are my specs:


      ASRock Z68 Pro3-m EFI Bios

      2600K @3.4ghz

      8GB G.Skill DDR3-1600  2x4GB CL9-9-9-24

      Samsung 250GB HDD

      Corsair HX 750w

      realtek HD Audio ALC892

      No optical drive

      No additional card



      Win7 Pro 64bit (6.1.7600)


      videobios 2111.0

      audio realtek

      mozilla firefox 4.01



      using mobo DVI out 1920x1200 and vga out 1280x1024 both 60hz

      did not try HDMI out yet

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          please continue investigating. Adding more information to last post.

          Programs that get random hangs so far:


          Mozilla Firefox 4.0

          Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (desperatly need to use it for university)



          Last  two programs also crash beeing in background mode. I always notice when  my CPU fan starts to go max for no apperant reason. The fan behaves  like this because one core or thread gets suddenly hung close to 100%  utilization. I need to kill program to make cpu cool down then.



          I have a configuration as follows:

          onboard DVI and VGA out for 2 tft-screens. (workmode)

          PCI-Express graphics card for s-video out to old tv. (when watching videos or movies)

          However, everytime that I use anything in fullscreen in workmode, my graphics card starts to rev up its fan as if used too. Considering the virtue software one should think that wouldn´t need to happen. I believe this too be a bug too. Screen seperation needs to be improoved. Don´t know who is responsible: Microsoft, Intel or Lucid Logix. But since I needed to post here anyways I wanted to include this problem.


          I am using

          ASROCk z68pro3-m and have the latest drivers installed. Not bios though. Bios still 1.0





          po. It is getting unbearable since i need to work with a  reliable system.