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    DX58OG: Only One Blue Sata 6GB Port Working on Board


      Here is the system I recently built:


      Intel Core i7-960 3.20GHz LGA1366 CPU BX80601960

      MB Intel BOX DX58OG

      PSU Corsair 600W

      MEM 4G KST KVR1333D3/4GR x3

      EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

      Western Digital 500 GB Sata 6.0 Gb-s Internal oem Drive WD5000AAKX

      Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Black Sata 6GB/s Internal oem Drive WD5000AAKX

      Windows 7 Home


      My issue is I can only get one of the two blue SATA 6Gb ports on my board to work.


      OS (Windows 7) is installed on the 500gb drive plugged into the bottom blue sata 6gb port (port 6), and with only this plugged in, the computer boots and runs like a dream. The problem begins when I plug in the 2TB hard drive to the other/top blue sata 6bg port (port 7). The drive shows up at boot and in the BIOS, but hangs on the windows loading screen for all eternity, or until I concede and cut the power.


      After some troubleshooting of my own, I determined the issue was not with cables or the drives themselves (the 2TB hard drive worked fine when plugged into another machine). I also updated my drivers and BIOS. Windows tells me the Marvell Sata 6GB controllers are “up to date” but are dated 05-2010, and I’ve heard there was an update in March 2011, but I have not had success in finding the updated controller files.


      I came across this post (http://communities.intel.com/message/127643) where the user dmcadams was having a similar issue with this board and, across 14 systems, determined that one of the two blue sata 6gb ports was not working in 100% of the cases. This tells me either

      1) There is something inherently wrong with the blue sata 6gb ports on Intel’s DX58OG board, or

      2) There is something both dmcadams and I are overlooking.


      Additionally, I’ve come across this tip under Intel’s support information, titled "Enabling Support for 2 Terabyte Drives." Aha! The drive giving me issues is 2TB… The tip reads:


      >> If you are using a hard drive 2 terabytes or greater in capacity,

      >> you must enable UEFI (Unified Extended Firmware Interface)

      >> in order for your system to recognize the drive.


      >> To enable UEFI: During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2,

      >> go to the Boot menu, set UEFI Boot to Enable. Press F10 to Save and Exit.


      I set UEFI boot to enable and, upon reboot, found no boot drives. It seems enabling UEFI has perhaps enabled my 2TB drive but also disabled by boot drive which is only 500Gb. Either way, with UEFI enabled, I cannot boot at all.


      This leads me back to square 1, with only one blue sata 6GB port working. Is it something I am overlooking/doing wrong, or is there something wrong with my board and I need to return it and get a new/different one?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as at the moment I am out of ideas.

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          A quick update for anyone interested in the matter.


          A chat with Intel tech support has concluded that this board has a defective port.


          Intel will not pay the shipping to replace their defective product.


          A previous user, who had 14 of these boards, reported 100% of his boards had a similarly defective sata 6gb port.


          Newegg has agreed to cover the shipping costs to replace the board. Fingers are crossed but I am dubious based the on the above user's results. If the replacement board is also defective, I will report it in a reply and never purchase an intel product (at least as far as boards are concerned) again.


          If you are considering purchasing a DX58OG or similar Intel board, beware!

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            scoy, I am curious to know if your problem was resolved with a new board?

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              Hello. Actually, before I returned the board, I was able to determine the SATA III port, in fact, was not defective. The drive that was not working would work (in either port) when it was the only drive plugged into a SATA III port. Port 7, however, would not work when both drives were plugged into these ports at the same time (my initial setup). I believe this is a driver problem, which is irritating because Intel is relying on Marvell for this.


              I looked into it and it seemed that my drive would not benefit much from the SATA III port anyway, so I ended up leaving my boot drive on one of the SATA III ports, since it is the faster drive and more likely to benefit from this, and just put my storage drive on one of the SATA II ports. This so far has worked fine for me, and I can't complain about the speeds.


              In other words, until Intel (or Marvell) provides us with some better drivers, just pretend your board only has one SATA III port. I believe this would be the issue with most, if not all, boards currenty with SATA III ports.

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                Unfortunately that is exactly where we are at right now as well. We are building with this board still knowing that we only have one SATA III port. Intel has had our system for something ridiculous like 3 weeks now or so. We currently only have contact with our Intel rep, and not the actual technicians. So far, we've only been told that it could be that a cable was loose, or a bad cable, or just the cable management. We know that this is NOT the issue. We are certainly smart enough to test the cable scenario up and down before being willing to subject one of our builds to Intel. Also, we are not the only ones with this issue here, there is clearly an issue with this board/drivers in one way or another.


                We think there is finally more clear comunication regarding this issue to our Intel rep and he will relay that info onto the techs. Hopefully there will be an answer soon.


                In regards to your driver, Somebody posted a link to a driver from another thread on my thread.



                This was not the answer for me, but possibly for you?

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                  I did try that driver in your link about a week back and I found no change (only one port would work at a time).


                  Thanks for the update. Please let me know if you make any more discoveries, and I will do the same. Good luck.