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    i3 530 Intel HD graphic unit crashes during media playback


      I'm currently building a Windows Media Center (Win7, x86) on an Intel i3 530 basis. However, the system just freezes during media playback (DVD, Blu-Ray, Live TV as well as mkv or mp4 files) and turns the monitor off. After a quick look in the event-log, this problem is apparently cause by the Intel HD graphic unit on the board:



      - System
        - Provider
         [ Name]  Display
        - EventID 4101
         [ Qualifiers]  0
         Level 3
         Task 0
         Keywords 0x80000000000000
        - TimeCreated
         [ SystemTime]  2011-06-07T14:29:43.000000000Z
         EventRecordID 3981
         Channel System
         Computer MediaCenter-PC
      - EventData


      I've tried installing all the newest drivers from the Intel site, but the system still freezes. Any ideas?

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          I've exactly the same issue since a few months (Intel Core i3-530, DH57DD, Win7x64).

          After updating to the latest HD Display Driver ( for my MB DH57DD it becomes even worse than before.

          My Mediacenter HTPC is connected via HDMI to my AV-Receiver. If the Display Driver crashes and recovers, the screen remains black. It seems to me, that the HDMI Handshake doesn't work after the display driver recovery.

          I need to reboot the HTPC during a Windows Terminal Services Session in order to get back a picture on my TV. This is very annoying, if there a running tv recordings getting broken because of the necessary boot.

          Would be great if intel could fix this soon.