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    [REQUEST] Update Intel 965 (aka X3100) GMA Driver, with links to modded drivers than can help task


      Hi, I'm here to make a request for Intel Developers.


      I'm using Intel 965 GMA on a Toshiba L300 laptop, and the last official driver that is uploaded on Intel Download Center gives me black borders. For example: If i'm using an aplication at 800x600 and desktop is at 1280x800 the aplication does not fill the entire screen, it runs like 800x600 in a 1280x800 window.


      Another problem is that the driver can't pull the max out of the graphic board, and i'm using a modified drivers for like more than a year and i got no problem so far, but as you supose they are not completly optimized, and some have some bugs.


      So i'll put here the links to the two best moddified drivers i've ever used.

      They are not mine, they are from a guy known by KbzaKas, and e quited the project some time ago and his last driver was pretty good in improvements and game tweaks and also uses the HD graphic interface, but it have some bugs like incompatibility with Windows Aero and Windows Image Viewer and Windows Media player. Also the GUI of the driver goes white on some users after opening it. I'll leave the link here. Don't be afraid to test, it will not mess up with hardware or data in disk.

      Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?n0p5syzhkm9u19i  password: intelgmagaming (for winVista/win7 x86, disable aero before instalation)


      And there is another one made by the same guy before he made this one, and i'm using this one because it is more stable and have less bugs, but it also have less improvements.

      Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?w08561wrotrgzvo password: KbzaKas (also for winVista/win7 x86, no need to disable aero on this one)



      Both of these drivers have that fullscreen problem solved.


      For unexperienced users: these are not official drivers, use them at your own risk, just posting them here so Intel can get a little help on what to do to make a good driver as most on Intel 965 users want.


      I hope for a developer response soon, and i hope you accept my request. It is all Intel 965 needs