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    Turned on DX58SO2 and getting beep beep beep C5 post code

      Dear Fellows of Intel,
      A new issue. Recently, when I turned on my system, my DX58SO2 made a long beep with interval between each beep like "beep, beep, beep, beep" with the post code displaying C5, and the monitor not getting the signal(blank) for like 3 minutes then finally booted up to windows. That was the first time I saw such a strange behavior, what was that really? Could it be a cue that a component is about to break?
      Somebody please respond, would be very appreciated
      980x stock speed + Corsair A70
      DX58SO2 AAG10925-205
      1x GTX 580
      Mushkin Blackline 6Gb 1600
      Thermaltake Tough Power Grand 750w
      WDC Black 500gbx2 raid 0
      X-Fi Titanium HD
      DVD ROM
      Haf X